Specialized equipment for petroleum products

We have the equipment to store petroleum products to meet the needs of our broad client base in a timely and efficient manner. Sale or rental, depending on the situation. We can provide you with the best equipment for your petroleum storage needs.

Equipment rental

We offer short- and long-term rental options for petroleum product tanks. We rent portable or fixed tanks, conventional or custom-designed for any petroleum product.

Technical and logistical support for operations

We can take charge of operations related to petroleum product tanks at your facilities, whether they are standard or custom-designed. We offer a variety of technical support services to ensure your tank operations run smoothly:


  • Delivery 
  • Installation 
  • Maintenance
  • Repair and replacement of parts as required
  • Obtaining and renewal of an operating licence

We advise you with integrity and professionalism to ensure the success and safety of your operations.

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